As a landlord in Southall, your ideal business strategy would be to benefit from your rental income, so you can spend it on your business adequately to expand your business or improve existing properties to increase rent on those properties.
If a landlord wishes to reap both personal and financial benefits by running their business from home, then they need to hire an accountancy firm that can take care of the accounting part of their business, there are several landlord accountants in Southall, but Accotax, with accountants that have several years of experience in the landlord business can advice you on the money you make which can be used to offset mortgage repayments and again stressing on the fact that any extra income can be used to make existing properties better for rental purposes.
Advising you on business growth along with providing expert accounting services
The services we offer at Accotax are more than just tax returns, and to us, it doesn’t matter whether you have a portfolio of properties or have a furnished holiday letting our services include give you extraordinary tax relief, which is only available to landlords.
The growth part of the business comes when you are in a position to reinvest or add more to your already existing portfolio. This is where we come in, and we say whenever you decide to buy a property, you need to think of it as a business investment. We help you make the right property investments by taking a different perspective – as you need to listen to the market and what it wants instead of going for a property you would prefer living in.
While we don’t travel with you to property viewings, as accountants, we can give you our feedback on your business investments based on the money you spend on a property and how much rent you will receive from it.
An efficient way to purchase Rental property
This is the most confusing part of being a landlord because the tax and the rates will be determined based on how you go on to buy any property. If you decide to buy a property as an individual, then it has different implications on your property tax compares to if you go on and purchase property as a company or as a partnership.
Our specialist landlord accountants in Southall will see how you have formed your company and advise you on how to buy a property in the most tax-efficient way possible.
Added Services
You will also get a personal landlord accountant who will manage your VAT, Tax, payroll planning, along with filing your annual accounts, PAYE and corporate tax returns.
With these added services, we will give you stable business advise on how you can expand your landlord business.